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Best Laptop Under 40000

Top 10 Best Laptop Under 40000

If you’re looking to see this list of the top 10 laptops for less than 40000, you can not afford to buy one of these super-advanced, but over-priced, high-end laptops. Do not worry, not everyone can afford a device over 40000, and you are certainly not the only one in the case. Also, you’ll be

Top 10 Best Laptop Under 25000

Top 10 Best Laptop Under 25000

More than a few months to finish the year, and we unveil the list of the best laptops less than 25000 of the moment. Good news, because if you’re looking for a PC that offers great value, you’re in the right place to find the one that’s right for you. Our team has done a


Top 10 best gaming laptop under 50000

Playing the latest AAA games on a laptop in excellent condition is finally possible. Long maligned for their lack of power against their desktop counterparts, the nomadic computers are closing the gap. In fact, the new generations of graphic and pure computing components are becoming more efficient and offer the power to sell. And many

best camera phone under 20000

Top 10 best camera phone under 20000

The smartphone is now the main camera on the planet, including for photographers. With sensors, optics and algorithms in constant progression, the highest-end mobiles have buried conventional compact cameras, leaving to the photo brands only space in the most high-end devices or equipped with optical zooms, for the time inaccessible to smartphones. Photo has become,

Top 5 Best 32 Inch Led TV in India

Top 6 Best 32 Inch Led TV in India

Are you looking for best 32 inch TVs? You have come to the right place. We are going to offer you a list of 6 of the best market options in the segment of 32-inch televisions. Although the trend is towards increasingly larger TVs, the 32 “still offer good performance in rooms or smaller rooms.

21 Mother's Day Gift Ideas to Show Mom That You Care

21 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas to Show Mom That You Care

Mother, it is not just a word but an emotion so strong that nothing reigns above it! Mother’s day simply gives you the opportunity to tell your mom how special she is. In our busy and hectic lifestyles, rare are the days when you get to show appreciation for that one woman who gave you birth